Thursday, June 13, 2019
By Mike Moats Photography
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I don’t always give enough thanks to the sponsors of my online Macro Photo Club, so I would like to mention those companies that have been good enough to offer up products that I can raffle off each month to our club members. In the month of June, Hunt’s Photo is giving away a $50 gift card, and next month we have Lensbaby offering up a Sol 45 and a set of macro filters. Thank you to our great sponsors.


Tamron, Vanguard, Acratech, Lensbaby, Hunt’s Photo,Think Tank Photo Bags, Whimberly, Hoodman, Datacolor, Lensflipper.


Macro Photo Club members have access to 180 instructional videos covering four categories, Equipment, Composition, Tips From the Field, and Post Processing. Plus members can join our facebook group were you can post your images to share, and ask any question that you may have about macro photography. Plus you will be in the raffle to win free stuff.


Join here.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019
By Mike Moats Photography
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I sometimes like to surf the web and visit other photographers blogs and read what they have to say. Some will talk about the philosophy, deep spiritual feel, or a story in their photography. I have to confess that I don’t have anything to say with my photography other then they are just pretty pictures. I feel good when I view my images, but they are just pretty picture with no deep thoughts or special meaning behind the image. It’s like when you see a painting with some wild strokes of colors, strange designs, or a small red dot on a large white canvas, and the artist says there is a meaning in the painting, but darned if I can ever figure it out.

I guess I’m not a deep enough thinker for that type of art. I do like to create abstracts with my macro, but none of it has any meaning other then it just looks cool. When I tried to sell my abstracts at the art shows, it failed miserably. I took all the abstracts out of my booth after the first year because everyone bought the pretty pictures of something simple that they could recognize.

Monday, June 10, 2019
By Mike Moats Photography
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This is a special event, a Mike Moats Macro Boot Camp, with Mike Mathew's Frogs and Reptiles coming in on Sunday for three hours.  It's a two day event with Mike Moats lecturing on Saturday, along with shooting subjects on table tops, and Sunday you will have three hours to shoot the frogs and reptiles, and more table top subjects.


Equipment needed.  DSLR, macro lens, tripod, for the table top subjects, and for the critter shoot, a ring flash or a flash system with two small flash units on either side of the lens works great.  If you don't have one of these and don't want to buy one, contact us about a very affordable rental options, or Mike Mathews will also have several light diffusers for speed light flashes to loan out.  Constant light sources such as LED lights do not work well for shooting critters. So, please contact us for equipment advise and suggestions. A tripod is not needed for photographing the frogs and reptiles, but will be required for the table top photography.



Drury Inn & Suites Louisville North
9597 Brownsboro Rd,
Lousiville, KY 40241 
Phone 502-425-5500 



September 28th and 29th, 2019



Saturday 10am to 4pm 
Sunday 10am to 1pm


Cost $249


Sign up HERE

Saturday, June 08, 2019
By Mike Moats Photography
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Join the Macro Photo Club online today.

Monday, June 03, 2019
By Mike Moats Photography
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While proper equipment, knowing how to shoot, and Photoshop skills are definitely helpful, they do not guarantee a good photo. This is because light, weather, and environment for nature photography are unpredictable. No amount of technical prowess will help you over come this unpredictable behavior of nature photography. This goes for macro photography as well. The only way to overcome this unpredictability is to be creative.



Lets be honest creativity is hard because there are no rules or cookie cutter approach to follow. Pro photographers Jay & Varina Patel use creative photography tool kit that they have developed over the past decade to capture unique photos like these with their Lensbaby Macro Lenses (yep that humming bird was also captured with a Lensbaby using a super easy to use Focusing technique):


What is creative photography took kit? It is a collection of options available to a nature photographer that allows them to capture breathtaking photos no matter what. Their latest landscape photography tutorial Creative Photography with Lensbaby course offers an in depth look at our creative photography tool kit and how they use it capture some striking photos. 


For a limited time you can get streaming access to this and all other video tutorials on Macro Photography Lenses, Details & Macro and 30+ video tutorials for on Visual Wilderness for just 9.95/mo when you sign for their annual plan.



FYI: The best part is that you also get free access to any new video tutorial posted on Visual Wilderness while your streaming access is active. ;)